What Are The Health Benefits Of Sports Massage?

For most of us, sports massage seems like a luxury reserved for those whose body is their golden ticket. However, sports massage is not a therapy reserved for the successful athletes among us. The fact that it provides such an essential part of their wellness routine should only encourage the rest of us to take more interest in the excellent wellbeing combination of sport and massage.


Professional athletes rely on this complementary therapy because their career depends on it. A single torn ligament or strained muscle could mean more than just the loss of a week’s wages; it might actually put them out of the running for a major competition or team selection. Sports masseurs are constantly developing their practice to give an all-over deep relaxation that protects against the harmful effects of strenuous exercise. As such, professional sportspeople will keep a sports masseur at hand during play, as well as before and after their performance. Sports massage provides an essential part of a pre-play stretching routine and helps the athlete relax and find their focus for the upcoming match. When the match is over, a therapeutic sports massage provides valuable relief and promotes the intense relaxation necessary to help the body recover from so much exertion.


This kind of massage therapy is by no means superfluous to anyone who takes their health and wellbeing seriously. Massage can work together with your fitness routine to help your body develop safely and more solidly than any other method. A deep massage after heavy exertion moves blood flow through the tired area, allowing accelerated muscle repair by helping new cells to form. You’ll have the additional benefit of protection from injury, but let’s not forget the main attraction – a sports massage after exercise is about the most relaxation you will ever feel! It’s surprising that people seeking a deep relaxation experience don’t seek to combine sport with their massage rather than the other way round! Scheduling your gym session before your weekly massage will allow you to experience a deeper relaxation than you ever could without the initial exertion. Or why not take a swim before a hard Sports or Thai massage; this will allow you to let the masseur work so much more deeply on your body, and you’ll be sure to walk out in a state of ecstasy! After all, aren’t the benefits you work hard for always so much more valuable?!

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