When Meditation Becomes A Visualisation Technique

Those of us who first came across meditation through Buddhism might think that it’s nothing more than internal observation. Watching the breath in the manner of the Buddha is the very foundation of meditation, but there are also many elaborations to this practice that we can use to achieve effects in our everyday life. The practice of concentration is of course an essential part of mental and spiritual wellbeing, but this complementary practice can be developed further by skillfully choosing the object you want to concentrate on.

The self-help market is no stranger to the power of positive visualization in bringing about desired outcomes in life. The possibilities of this technique broke to the forefront of the wellness industry with the success of Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Secret’ and are maintained by similar publications. Maxwell Maltz’s ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ is an excellent guide to developing long-term visualization strategies that will help you achieve your life goals. One of the exercises in the book outlines a concentration practice where the meditator develops a vivid image of his or her goal over the course of 21 days. You simply have to commit to half an hour once a day to summon an image of your goal and focus all your attention on it. Over the course of 21 days this will have a considerable effect on your psyche and set you strongly on the road to attain your desire.

The technique is more than just ‘wishful thinking’. In developing single-mindedness of purpose, your behaviour patterns in the rest of your life will inevitably fall into line. This takes effort, of course, and all the pitfalls of meditation have to be mastered in order to achieve a successful visualization practice. As with standard awareness meditation, it is important to withstand the incessant thoughts that race through your mind when you try to concentrate. Don’t chase them away, simply observe them and let them go. It is advisable to sit for 45 minutes, in order that the first 15 minutes can be used for getting your mind under control. The following 30 minutes will be the prime meditation or visualization period.

A 21 day visualization commitment can do wonders for every aspect of your wellness routine, encouraging regularity, self-discipline and an enhanced sense of focus. Success lies in an everyday commitment, so make the promise to yourself that you will not miss a day. All that remains is to sit, relax and concentrate.

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