How Obesity Can Affect Your Children Too

It’s no secret that being obese is disastrous for your health. Obesity puts you at a higher risk of almost every major disease and health problem, and is also a natural burden on your wellbeing. Putting on weight excessively is usually the result of simple laziness. Not exercising enough, choosing quick junk food instead of healthy meals and using the car instead of walking are all lazy attributes that contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

Once you get set in your ways it can be very difficult to break old habits. In that zone of lethargy and comfort eating you’re liable to pack on the pounds very quickly. And if you have children, you are likely to pass on those bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle to them. Now your obesity has become not only a burden on your health – but the health of your children too.

Studies regularly show that young children who are placed in front of the TV or confined to the buggy for long periods often face mobility problems later in life. Obesity is well known as an issue for adults, but increasingly we are seeing children putting on weight at an alarming pace. While governing bodies can put forward plans of action, the problem is really down to every individual to ensure that they are eating right and getting enough exercise.

If you’re overweight or obese and are worried about your children gaining weight, the simplest solution is to put the whole family on the same programme of healthy eating and regular exercise. The important thing is to stick to it, and make sure your children do too. Remember that losing weight isn’t just a fantastic boost for your confidence; it will also make you and your children much healthier in the long term.

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