Stop Pre-diabetes Before It Becomes Diabetes!

diabetes23Type two diabetes isn’t a condition which you’ll suddenly get. It can take a long time for your level of insulin resistance to get to the point where it does you damage. As such, patients who aren’t diabetic but are well on their way towards diabetes are known as pre-diabetic. A lot of research is being poured into targeting these people before the disease truly sets in, preventing diabetes before it has a chance to hook its claws in. There are already specialist exercise regimes which have proven useful but they’re useless without the right diet. Below is a great pre-diabetic diet, tailored to naturally lower your blood-sugar levels and improve your digestive system in general:

Turmeric – One of this spice’s active ingredients is curcumin, this is said to have potential to delay if not fully prevent diabetes. Early results have been very promising but it’ll take further study and more time to discover whether any lasting benefit can be gleaned from this herb.

Strawberries – Not only do they taste great, they contain an activating factor for a protein in your body which helps to reduce LDL cholesterol and fats in the blood. They’ve also shown the potential to lower blood-sugar levels in mice which could prove useful for us.

Cheese and Yoghurt – Try sticking to low-fat dairy products. The good bacteria found within will do wonders for your digestive process and help you deal with excess blood-sugar levels.

Red Wine – Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine, this compound improves the function of blood-sugar by regulating your insulin. You only need the occasional glass to get the most out of this, no need to get drunk!

Cinnamon – This potent little spice helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels which can improve your insulin sensitivity. You only need a little in your diet to get the full benefit so why not add a little to your tea or coffee of a morning?

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