Baby Blues: Can You Colour Away Your Post Natal Depression?

Depression The Symptoms And Treatments Of The ConditionWhen you have a baby, your body doesn’t just snap back to normal. Your hormones are trying to regulate themselves again, which means your emotional wellbeing can suffer. Many women go through post natal depression, which can have several wellness-affecting symptoms such as feeling low, frustrated or anxious. If these feelings are intense, you don’t have to struggle through it and, in fact, your family wellness depends on your getting the help you need. However, if it is just the baby blues, then some natural therapies can help.

Choosing the colours that you fill your home, wardrobe and surroundings with can have a direct influence on your behavioural patterns, easing your stress levels and boosting your positive mood. White represents brightness and light, innocence, peace and purity. However, using white in your home can be a difficult task to pull off, as it gets dirty quickly (especially if you have a little one running around!). So use wholesome white on your ceilings and decorative items.

Next, you may be surprised to find brown on this list, as it’s hardly anyone’s favourite colour. However, this earthy colour gives you a sense of safety, elegance and stability. When it comes to choosing a shade, be wary of darker browns as they represent stagnation and sadness. It’s probably wisest to limit your use of brown to furniture.

Blue had to make it on this list; it makes you think of the huge calm ocean and the vast clear blue sky. Lighter blues and aqua blue in particular encourage serenity, relaxation, peace and calm, and it is said that blues even lower your blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. There is also a cooling effect in this colour, which can relax you even when it’s humid, so spread blue hues around your walls, bed sheets and pillows.

Like blue, green can create a calming and cooling effect on your body and mind. You associate it with nature, as, let’s face it, most of nature is green. You can easily add this colour to your home by bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors, with plants in and around the house, or else keeping a small garden or lawn.

Finally, yellow is the most recommended colour for alleviating your mood, and this sunshine shade gives you energy and confidence. The lighter the colour, the more positive energy, calmness and peace it creates. It goes well with natural lighting, and can be used in anything, from your door mats to your walls.

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