Chronic Pain: Your Options for Healing Without Invasive Surgery

Most of us will experience the distress caused by chronic pain at some point in our lives. Due to illness, injury, or age, chronic pain can linger on for months or even years and severely affect your quality of life.
There are a variety of different methods to treat the chronic pain you or a loved one may be suffering. Some may involve medication, or possibly even surgery to correct the problem. However, there are also a number of options available that do not involve medication or invasive surgery techniques. Here are a few ideas to consider.

PRP Treatments
One of the exciting new methods of healing chronic pain that has become popular in recent years is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. PRP treatments work by using components of blood plasma to induce healing.

Blood is taken from the individual who requires the treatment, and is then analyzed and separated into its component parts (plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets). The platelets have an important function of clotting blood and contain proteins called growth factors, which are essential in the healing process of injuries. Nexus pain specialists from Utah say the concentration of these platelets is increased, before being combined once again with the remaining blood. The blood is then re-injected into the affected area to stimulate healing. This treatment has become particularly popular amongst athletes to effectively recover from chronic pain caused by sprains and tendon injuries.

Manual Techniques
A well-proven method of healing chronic pain without surgery is to use manual stimulation techniques, such as massage to promote healing. A chiropractor or osteopathic doctor can manipulate joints and apply pressure to muscles, tendons and ligaments. This improves blood flow and reduces muscle stiffness, allowing chronic pain to be treated effectively in many cases. It’s great for reducing swollen joints and if done regularly can be a good treatment for those who want to skip time spent recovering from surgery.

method can be useful to suffers of chronic joint pain and has proved to be particularly effective when treating back pain. The most commonly used type of electrotherapy is known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This therapy works by stimulating muscles in areas that are causing pain by sending a low-voltage electric signal into the tissue. You should ask your doctor if this kind of treatment could work for you.

Electrotherapy has the effect of changing the way the nervous system interprets pain signals and can temporarily relieve chronic back pain, making it effective for many people. Portable TENS machines can also be purchased for use within the home.

The type of treatment you choose will depend largely on the type of pain you are experiencing and where you get it most. Thankfully, with the amazing range of treatments now available for the management of chronic pain, you should be able to find something that works for you without the need for invasive surgery or dependence on medications. Talk with your physician and see if they can suggest any other treatments that may be helpful for your situation.


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