Study Demonstrates New Mothers are Neurotic in First Year

Colic, Baby’s and MigrainesWhen you’re a new mother, family wellness can be a minefield to navigate, especially when it comes to your baby’s health. A study has revealed that the average new mum makes 16 trips to the doctors in their child’s first year, with many admitting they panicked about their baby’s wellbeing only be to be told they were suffering from minor ailments.

According to the study, one in three mums took the baby to the doctors with what turned out to be a common cold, while other little ones were simply diagnosed with a cough. Perhaps most incredibly of all, 10% of those surveyed dashed to the doctor believing their baby was unconscious, only to be told the infant was sleeping. The study showed that, on average, it takes a new mother six-and-a-half months to know when their child’s wellness is a concern, and when it’s just one of many different cries and coughs.

Jean Scott, of the Benenden Healthcare in the UK, which commissioned the study, said, ‘Being a new mother can be an overwhelming experience and it is natural to feel anxious about the health of your child. Often getting professional advice when you feel your child may be unwell can be the only way to put your mind at ease, even if it ultimately turns out only to be a cold.’

50% of the mothers said that they felt like they reached a stage where they were able to worry slightly less, but this wasn’t until their child reached three-and-a-half years, and a particular worry, which doesn’t end until a child is over a year old, is if the child is still breathing. Two thirds of mothers made regular checks all through the night to see if their baby was still breathing.

However, experience counts, and 45% of those who went on to have a second child said they worried less about getting everything right. Scott observed, ‘What these results really show is that it is common for first-time mums to be concerned about their child’s health and that most new parents experience this heightened level of anxiety. Worry is an unavoidable aspect of motherhood, however it is important to find the right balance between an acceptable level of worry that ensures your baby stays healthy whilst being able to enjoy the experience of being a new mum – even if this is often easier said than done.’

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