Top Tips For A Stress Free Pregnancy

stress free pregnancyPregnancy is the foundation for your child’s whole life. Taking care and looking after yourself during this period of time can help to ensure your child grows up healthy with a minimum of complaints. There are all sorts of developmental conditions which can be instigated during a pregnancy and as such it’s really important you take a little bit of extra time to watch what you put into your body.


Making sure you eat healthy can be really important to the development of your child. They’re getting all their nutrients and vitamins from you and if you’re not getting what you need then they won’t be either. Things like drinking and smoking are strongly discouraged during pregnancy as they essentially filter poison through your body. You might be fine with filtering that poison but your body won’t have the same resistances which you do.
It’s not just food and drink which filters from you to your child, studies have shown that your level of fitness determines the baby’s. This is both mental and physical fitness. Unnecessary stress can cause issues in the growth of your child and obese mothers are more likely to have big babies.


This is one time in your life where weight gain is fully expected and you should be looked after. It’s a time you should enjoy and breeze through. There are stresses, there are additional strains but it should be a magical time where you’re first building a connection with your child. If it’s not then you need to look at why it isn’t. Maybe additional support will be required or perhaps you just need someone to talk to. It’s imperative you’re happy and healthy during the nine months of pregnancy, for your own good and your baby’s.

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