How A Younger Boss May Be Better Than An Older One

corporate leaderThe office can be a bit stressful and being there longer than everyone else doesn’t make it any easier. The fact is that having a boss who’s younger than you can take some adapting. It can seem strange to take instructions from someone who has had less experience than you have. That’s normal and we’ve got a great list of things you can do to ensure that you make the most of having a younger boss without experiencing any of the issues which are so common!


  • Be open to change – It doesn’t matter how old your new boss is, all new leaders bring new ideas and new ways of doing things. You need to be adaptable to this, ready to roll with the changes. If you have a positive outlook on this and don’t get too caught up in ‘how things were’ then you’ll see the advantages of the new system. After a week or two of this, if you see something which you think was actually better done the old way then mention it as a suggestion. That way you seem helpful rather than pedantic and unable to move with the times.


  • Never compete – A young boss might not have as much experience but they do have new ideas and innovation. They’ll be more clued up on the latest technology and what’s cutting edge in your industry. You can learn a lot from them as they can from you. Be respectful and listen, you never know what you might learn!


  • Share your skills – Never be shy about what you’re good at. If you know you’re talented at a certain thing or have a specific skill set then make sure your new boss know this. Don’t boast about it just make it clear and make sure you’re understanding each other fully. The most problems in new relationships are caused by miscommunication which can get out of hand!

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