On the Straight and Narrow: Keeping Teens out of A&E


The ups and downs of teenage years may be on your shoulders, with your friends peer-pressuring you and the demands of school being thrown in your face. It can make you do things that you’ve told yourself that you’ll never do – in some ways, that’s okay. You have to make mistakes; that’s a part of life.

Some mistakes however, you don’t have to make. Take a few lessons here – some might be very obvious to you, but bear them in mind. Don’t make things hard on yourself:


  1. Resolve Conflicts without Resorting to Violence.

The simplest solutions often hold the complex of conclusions – and it might be easier to think that hurting someone is the quickest way of making yourself heard.

Put this into perspective – what is more important? Using last resorts, where you might lose more than you bargained for – or using solutions, that might strengthen bonds?

Apologising for something that went wrong – even if you think that you’re in the right – is the best move. It means that you value people more than your ego. It’s a small, simple thing, but talking gets the job done – and sometimes, with long-term results that don’t result in your leg in plaster.


  1. Say “No” to Drugs

You might have heard stories about the risks and dangers of drug use – this goes for non-prescription painkillers, too – and may have scoffed at the idea.

You’re strong enough to try, you’re brave enough, you’re not like the others, you could give up any time – if you’ve thought anything similar to this, then the best thing to do is this: Don’t even try it. You wouldn’t have been the first to believe it. Don’t experiment with drugs – you are young. You have time on your hands – don’t shorten it for yourself.


  1. Seek Help Early for Mental Health Issues

Mental health seems to be something of a taboo subject amongst young people – it’s natural to think of people in straight-jackets and padded rooms. It can make those who suffer in silence – or their families – afraid to find help.

In truth, mental health can be anything – and it’s okay to talk about it. You’re not a loon. You’re not going to be put into an institute. You’re not “crazy”. It’s okay to feel like you’re not “quite like the others” – and if you feel that way, then there is help available. They are there for a reason – you don’t have to keep a lid on yourself.


  1. Diet and Exercise Habits

One of the big risks in modern society is that of obesity. By maintaining a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you can not only combat this risk, but you can also feel good about yourself – what person wants to stand in front of a mirror and sigh at the result?


  1. Report Domestic Abuse and Report the Abuser

Whether it’s cyber-abuse, sexual, physical or mental, abuse is still abuse. Whilst 95% of domestic abuse victims are women, only 30% ever report or seek help for ill-treatment. One in five cases leads to death. Regardless of your gender, you have a right to speak out – you are a human being, worth more than the back of someone’s hand. If that person is harming you, then they are indifferent towards your feelings. You deserve so much good in life – don’t let someone change you because you’re scared. Report it.


  1. Practice Safer Sex or Abstain

Sexually-transmitted diseases are still substances of the present – and whilst there are ways of combating the symptoms of certain ones (crabs, herpes, gonorrhoea), it makes for an embarrassing story, if not a risk for something worse like HIV or AIDs. The other outcome of course, is unwanted pregnancy – so take precautions. You can’t tell if a person has STDs by just looking at them – whilst abstaining is the best way of never getting one, teenagers are passionate – and holding back is hardly ever the case. Just remember to be sensible – “no glove, no love; no sleeve, you must leave.”


  1. Be with Positive People

You are the company that you keep – and usually, the happier and brighter the company is, the happier and brighter you will be. You need good influences in life and having good friends is just a prime example of that. Make them proud – make yourself proud.

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