More People Than Ever Are embracing Health Retreats

health retreatsAs a nation, Australia, along with many others, is gradually getting fatter and fatter. Family wellness becomes more of a struggle as the perils of obesity start to take their toll. Wellness awareness campaigns, however, have at least made sure that people are in the know about what they should be doing for their wellbeing, even if they are not actually doing it.

Iconic business, Golden Door Health Retreat, says that even in these difficult economic times, business is booming. They say that more people than ever are becoming aware of the health benefits of spas and health retreats.

Once viewed as a luxurious passtime for the rich and famous, health retreats do not just open their doors to sports champions, celebrities and rock stars; many ordinary people pass through their doors, looking for a healthier style of holiday.

Over time, the health retreat has evolved from an old fashioned ‘fat farm’ type of idea to a modern, 21st century retreat, where clients are able to kick start their wellness with a bit of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

People who are looking to make big changes in their life in terms of their wellness can benefit from going away on a health retreat to truly take some space to think through their life patterns and what they need to do in order to take better care of their health and wellbeing. They are often simply looking for a bit of guidance in making these important changes, and need some support as they get started on what is often not a very easy process.

Research shows that around 40 percent of the population would like to make a change in their lives, but many of them feel that they are a bit lost, and really benefit from the types of sessions such as coaching that these health retreats offer. Individual coaching sessions can focus on movement, nutrition or just general wellness and offer a tailor-made programme for both men and women.

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