How Can Gorse Help You to Get Back Your Mojo?

Gratitude and wellbeing, be happy with what you haveDr Edward Bach once described gorse as ‘sunshine in a bottle’ and complementary wellness experts certainly agree. This bright yellow flower consistently manages to grow and thrive, and Bach used the flower essence made from this hardy botanical in his system of 38 flower remedies, but how can gorse help you?

Whether you’ve had a setback in your health or emotional wellbeing, the gorse flower remedy can help you when you, on some inner level, decide to stop looking for ways to thrive. Gorse works for the wellness of those who have lost all belief in the possibility of improving their situation, and see their current circumstances as beyond repair. This may be the case if you have a chronic illness and have tried numerous therapies that have been unsuccessful. This long struggle can make you lose the will to seek other options.

When this happens, and you decide that nothing will work and there is no point in trying, the negativity you feel only serves to perpetuate the problem, which can lead to an even deeper state of stagnation. It’s hard to recognise this in your loved ones, as people who have chronic illnesses tend to humour those around them by continuing to try on the surface, so you don’t know if they are in need of gorse. If someone you know looks downtrodden, with pale skin and dark circles under their eyes, this is often a sign that they could use a bit of sunshine in a bottle.

Another sign that someone needs gorse is if they make such statements as: “What is the use?; Why bother since nothing will help?; or I will give it a try but it won’t change anything.” You may hear these statements from unsuccessful dieters, as the road to weight loss is littered with a thousand different methods and products to try. Dieters may just end up resigning themselves to the extra pounds, when a regimen of gorse could encourage them to persevere.

However, the uplifting power of gorse isn’t only something for you, but your furry little friends. Animals that need gorse are even more difficult to pinpoint than humans, but if your pet appears depressed or seemingly ready to die, especially after a long period of illness or neglect, they may be in need of this remedy. Remember, gorse essence may not ensure a positive outcome, but it restores the hope and belief that one is possible.

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