A Breath of Fresh Air: The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facts

hyperbaricIf you’re considering improving your wellbeing with complementary therapies, inhaling 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressures may not be the first thing you think of. However, this is what’s known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT); the equivalent to breathing pure oxygen underwater at a depth of 16.5 feet, or perhaps even more.


There are many proven wellness benefits to this super-saturation of oxygen, being known to drastically increase the oxygen content in your blood by almost 200%. HBOT also benefits and abates the damage of other parts of your body, such as your organs, cells, tissues, lymph and other body fluids. If you have a higher content of oxygen in your cells and tissues, your wounds heal quicker and your body is more able to fight infections and diseases. HBOT also helps to detoxify your body, and visibly reduces swelling.


There are two types of chambers; mono-place, which can only accommodate one patient at a time and are designed for personal residential use, and multi-place chambers, which are meant for hospitals and clinics where a number of patients can be treated simultaneously. When you are comfortably positioned inside one of these acrylic chambers, the alcoves will slowly be compressed to the baric level suitable for you and your particular ailing situation. All you have to do is breathe.


The treatment produces some visible results, including calming and relaxing you (you may not fidget as much as you did prior to treatment), enhancing your vision, understanding and cognitive faculties, decreasing your muscle spasms, improving your sleeping habits, opening you up to new ideas, foods and activities, enabling you to freely interact with your family and peers, giving you greater physical health and control of your neck and trunk and improving your concentration span (which allows you to think more clearly and logically).


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy functions in the following ways:


  1. Hyperoxygenation helps to support your poorly perfused tissues in areas that have limited blood flow.
  2. The antimicrobial effect helps in killing pathogenic and anaerobic bacteria.
  3. The fibroblast proliferation allows the production of collagen and effective repair of your damaged tissues.
  4. Increasing the activity of leukocytes which remove dead cells.
  5. Vasoconstriction of your blood cells minimises your chances of swelling and toxic build-up.

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