Alcohol Addiction: Six Most Dangerous Consequences of Alcoholism

Many people can enjoy a drink or two on the weekend without worrying about it ruining their lives. However, there are many people who just can’t. Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that can completely destroy a life you have worked so hard to build. Many people with alcohol dependence can have severe problems trying to break away from it, and the effects can be devastating. These are six of the most painful effects of alcohol abuse.

1. Embarrassment
Alcohol abuse can cause some pretty embarrassing and possibly emotionally devastating events. While in college or our early twenties, most of us have a few stories about how we passed out after drinking too much and ended up in some funny or maybe even scary situation. However, a constant flow of these kinds of situations does not look good. In fact, winding up passed out on the lawn might be fine if you’re a frat boy, but if you’re an adult with a job and a family, that’s really not a good sign. Even if you aren’t embarrassing yourself, you can bet you’re embarrassing the people you love.

2. Financial Ruin
First and foremost, being an alcoholic is expensive. It requires a good investment to drink enough to become intoxicated on a regular basis. Not to mention, alcoholism generally has a great impact on your work performance, which can lead to losing your job. Financially, alcohol dependence can really take its toll. Even if you only drink a $5 bottle of wine every night, that eventually adds up to $150 a month and close to $2,000 a year. Consider how much you are really spending on your alcohol intake.

3. Legal Trouble
Alcohol dependence can lead to serious legal consequences. DUI/DWIs and public intoxication charges are much more common among alcoholics than casual or “social” drinkers. In addition, alcoholics often have trouble controlling emotions and might also face assault or battery charges due to anger. Any of these offenses can lead to very hefty fines and/or jail time. In addition, a criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life. If you have the misfortune of causing an auto accident, you might even have to deal with a personal injury lawyer in Austin who will file a civil lawsuit to recoup the damages to their client.

4. Social Isolation
Alcohol abusers are not most people’s favorite companions. Along with increased financial and legal risks by association, friends often avoid alcoholics because they aren’t much fun to be around. In addition, alcohol abusers are 20% more likely to get divorced that non-abusers. Divorce often comes with the abuser losing rights to child custody and more. It is very likely that by continuing to abuse alcohol, you will end up with only alcohol for company.

5. Health Problems
The bad effects of alcoholism go far beyond frequent hangovers. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that abusers are more likely to develop numerous health issues related to alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects the brain, heart, and liver. Individuals who abuse alcohol regularly can develop sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, heart arrhythmia, stroke, coordination problems, high blood pressure, hepatitis, a weakened immune system, and even cancer.

Alcohol also affects the reproductive system. Drinking alcohol can contribute to trouble conceiving or infertility. In addition, mothers who drink while pregnant can give birth to children damaged by alcohol during development. Fetal alcohol syndrome is permanent and includes decreased physical and mental abilities.

6. Death
Many of the health risks associated with alcohol can be fatal. A stroke or heart attack can end your life. However, beyond that, individuals who abuse alcohol are more likely to die in alcohol-related car accidents and even other accidents. Alcohol poisoning is another life-threatening condition that is caused by drinking too much. Alcohol poisoning occurs when the body is too flooded with alcohol to function properly. Individuals will have trouble breathing and even maintaining body temperature. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 6 people per day die from alcohol poisoning in the US. Over 75% of those individuals are adults in their 30s and up, so this is not just an issue of young drinkers not knowing their limits.

Alcohol abuse can truly impact your life in a negative way. There are many treatment programs that can help you to overcome dependence on alcohol. Hardly anyone who overcomes addiction is ever sorry they did. If you are in crisis, please visit the alcoholics anonymous online help center. There is a way to prevent these devastating effects.


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