How Pet Owners Are Turning to Their Animals for Comfort

Why Your Pets Aren’t The Same As ChildrenPet owners are well-known for their devotion to their animal friends, often treating cats and dogs, rabbits and budgies as part of the family. The British in particular are recognised worldwide for their love of animals.

Now a survey by the social networking site My Social Petwork has confirmed that UK pet owners are just mad about their animals, cancelling dates and even calling in sick for the sake of their pet.

More than 1,100 pet owners took part in what was described as the UK’s “first pet census”. Around half admitted they’d rather cuddle their pet than a close relative when they are feeling down. One in five say they have ditched nights out and other social occasions to be with their pet while a third confessed to spending up to 30 days a caring for their moggies, pooches and other pets.

Of those quizzed, 7% said they had cancelled a date because they preferred to spend the time with their pet while 4% have called in sick to work when Fido or Tiddles is ill.

My Social Petwork has been dubbed “Facebook for pets” and its survey revealed that one in 5 UK pet owners happily uses social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to share images and updates about their pets with friends. And if you have ever taken your pet along when you’ve gone to a wedding or a christening, you are not alone – apparently 10% of pet owners have done the same thing.

The reality is that for many people, their pet is hugely important to their emotional wellbeing – a quarter of those who took part in the survey said they regarded their pet as more like a child than a pet and one in 6 even admitting confiding their problems in their animals.

The health, emotional and psychological benefits of pet owning are well-known and it seems in the UK that animal lovers are both giving and receiving an incredible amount of love from their pet.

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