3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Workout Day

When we finish the long tides of work, the last thing that we want to think about is the hard strain of hitting the gym. You’re weighty, you’re weary and doing nothing is the best stimulation that you can think of. At the same time, you want to stay healthy and fit, without having to groan at every moment when you catch your reflection in the mirror.

There are ways of going about this; keeping up a habit is one of the greater challenges amidst a metropolitan lifestyle but, we are often told, it is also the most beneficial.

Whether it is switching eating habits or workout routines, you are already deciding to benefit your lifestyle without having to become complacent about the same routine. Diversity is akin to regularity more than you think – by balancing this out, your metabolism can be jump-started before you realise it.

Now obviously, this is not a miracle cure – you cannot expect to be size 10 or under within a week. In the long-run however, you may find that you surprise yourself. In a few simple changes, revolutionise the way that you live, so that your body will eventually start working for you:


Be the Early Bird: As youngsters, we’re often told that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ It isn’t far from the truth; breakfast fuels our bodies and sets up our metabolism for the rest of the day. Chowing down on a breakfast that’s high in protein and fibre grabs that energy that your body truly needs. If your morning exercise constitutes a run, then try yoga instead for a long, lean body with additional benefits to your brain, which can relax you before you get on with the hustle-bustle of life.


The Mid-Day Boost: It’s the middle of your day and you’re on a roll – so it’s perfectly understandable that you wouldn’t be thinking of exercise; that being said, it’s a great opportunity to maximise your morning snooze and take care of errands that you may have missed. The same goes for skimping out on exercise. Rather than having to sweat out on a treadmill or on the weights, take some low-impact workouts during a class. Keep some healthy snacks at hand afterwards – whilst it’s tempting to overeat after a workout, it may not be the best thing. It’s always the little things that matter.


Night-Time Nibbles: So you come to the end of your day – burning your body is the last thing on your mind. For some however, this is the only opportunity there is for working out. Instead of diving straight for the weights and hard training, there are some programs, such as those surrounding the ballet bar, that combine isometric exercise and stretches to flatten your tummy without leaving you feeling too burnt out for the day after. If you already have a workout schedule during this time, take the remaining amount to relax, unwind and finally sink into that awaiting sofa. Alternatively, treat yourself to a long, soothing massage …

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