How to Create a Happy Office by Making Sure You’re Healthy

A corporate space is a difficult one in which to incorporate physical activity. Nevertheless, numerous studies have shown that employees who have better wellness and a strong sense of wellbeing perform better in the workplace when compared directly to employees with poor wellness or low morale.


In the past, employers have not been too concerned about the health or lifestyle of their employees, seeing it as ‘private business’, but there is becoming more and more awareness of the impact that wellness can have on the performance of employees and, therefore, a company.


Companies are now looking at wellness-related ways to get the most out of their employees, by keeping them healthy, making them feel confident and empowering them to take control of their own careers.


There are lots of different ways to go about this, from wellness programmes to individual mentoring, but one way that you may not have considered is hosting an outdoor team building exercise. This is especially useful in an office where the work is generally computer based or desk based, and employees spend long periods of time sitting down. The opportunity to get outdoors for a fun series of activities can improve their mood and physical wellness, and can also encourage them to adopt a healthier way of life. Those who participate in the physical activity and feel the rush of endorphins afterwards may feel themselves drawn to taking more physical activity in the future. All that fresh air could also trigger creative thinking, which could be of huge benefit when back in the office again.


Think, too, about changing the menu in your workplace canteen. A healthy menu offering employees the opportunity to consume good, nutritious food can make a great difference to employee wellness and wellbeing.

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