Does Workplace Safety Increase Employee Productivity?

Creating a safe work environment is one of the best ways to increase worker productivity. After all, an injured employee will either exhibit a noticeable reduction in their ability to properly complete their daily tasks or be completely unable to work. Additionally, it is important to consider employee morale and its impact on productivity. For example, if you worked for an employer who did not put necessary safety measures in place, the odds are high that you would feel less valued, and this would have a negative impact on your morale. Studies have proven that low worker morale makes it difficult to meet production goals.



Taking a Look at Workplace Safety

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average injured employee misses nine days of work. Due to this, their employer is typically responsible for covering a workers’ compensation claim. Combining the lost work hours with the cost of paying for an employee’s medical bills can place a large strain on a company.


However, simply assessing and upgrading your current workplace safety features can help you avoid these issues. Although many employers believe that implementing new safety tactics will be too expensive, you can easily see the financial and production advantages of placing safety first. As an added bonus, having a proven safety record is a good way to entice high quality employees.



How can I Improve Workplace Safety?

It is essential to utilize safety tools for your specific industry such as hard hats for construction workers. Additionally, you should strongly consider consulting with a professional security firm to put other applicable measures in place. For example, if you have a busy mailroom, it is a good idea to implement a mail screening process so that none of your employees are exposed to hazardous materials or explosives.



Many offices also make the wise decision to install x-ray screeners in their lobby to make sure that no weapons are brought on to the premises. If you are unsure where to start, you can utilize the services of a security firm such as MSA Security who can perform a security program audit. This will make it easier for you to determine which safety measures will have the biggest impact on your workplace.



Introducing New Safety Features to Your Employees

Some people are naturally more suspicious of security tactics such as x-ray screening than others. Therefore, it is important to inform your employees about the changes that are taking place so that they will have the time to ask any questions and address any concerns that they may have. However, you need to place a major emphasis on all the positive aspects of every change that you make in order to get your entire team on board. As long as you introduce each new feature in a positive manner, your employees should look at them as techniques that have been implemented to keep them safer and happier.


Ultimately, each business owner is responsible for overseeing the safety of all of their employees. Instead of dealing with workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims, you should contact a security company to learn how to improve your safety record and protect your company’s building and vital data.



Lisa Coleman shares the importance of workplace safety and how it can contribute to a higher level of productivity. She recently read online about how MSA Security, found online at, can provide a business with a security program audit in order to assess workplace safety.



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