5 Best Tips for a Happy Healthy Baby

As parents, there is nothing more that can make your heart melt than that angelic smile of your cute and lovable baby. You would do everything just to see them happy. But since babies haven’t mastered social skills yet, expressing what they want could be challenging for them sometimes. The big world could be overwhelming for them so it is the parent’s goal to guide them as they grow up. Here are the tips on how to make your little ones healthy and happy. 

1. Bath Time Should be a Fun Time
Bath time could either be traumatic or fun experience for babies. Since it is a great opportunity to bond with them, make sure that you think of ways on how to have bath time a fun activity for them. 

Here are some ways to make bath time fun for your little ones:

  • Sing to your baby. Not only it will help them feel relaxed, it also helps them expand their language skills. 
  • Have bubbles and toys like rubber ducks. 

2. Develop a Nap Schedule
A well-rested baby is a happy baby. It is never too early to start a sleep routine for your babies. Create a nap time schedule and consistently stick with it. To program your baby that it’s nap time already, dim the lights and sing her a lullaby to calm her down. 

3. Have a Proper Baby Mealtime
Mealtime is an important time to develop language and social skills, build relationships and age-appropriate self-feeding skills. No matter how busy your schedule is, always make sure that you allot ample time to feed your baby properly. Prepare healthy food choices and have an eye-to-eye contact with your little ones as you feed them. Establish a healthy eating habit so that this will be carried on by your babies until they grow old. 

4. Get Going with a Jogging Stroller
Most moms, especially first time moms, feel post-partum depression due to the overwhelming changes of having a baby. All of a sudden, you don’t own your time anymore since a life is dependent on you. Sleep and taking care of yourself have already become a luxury. Your skinny jeans can’t fit on you anymore. 

Having a Top Fitness Tracker or any physical activity such as jogging is one of the best ways to fight post-partum depression. Investing in a good jogging stroller is a great idea since you can bring your baby with you when you jog. Choose the best jogging stroller where the baby is safe. It’s a win-win situation since parents can work out while the baby gets to experience outside environment. 

5. Try to Read Baby’s Emotions
Since babies don’t know how to express themselves yet, it would be challenging to understand what they want. Some parents would feel helpless and frustrated when their babies have been crying for hours and they can’t seem to do something about it. 

Since babies can’t tell you what they want verbally, it is important that you know how to read their cues and body language. Observe your baby and take note of the body language that they show when they react to stimulants. Notice how your baby moves when she’s upset, sleepy, uncomfortable or happy. In due time, you will be able to know her different kinds of cry and respond to her body languages. 

Being a parent could be tough, but this is the most rewarding job in the world. Let these tips help you in raising a perfectly healthy and happy baby.

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