Avoiding Late Night Arguments

The old saying, “never go to sleep on an argument” is good advice. Resolving quarrels before bedtime helps strengthen your relationship and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

But if you always seem to end up quarrelling with a loved one just before bedtime what can you do to prevent it?

1. Know the triggers
Are there particular reasons why you’re more likely to argue at night-time? Perhaps you stay up late and become tired and cranky. Maybe an early night or a relaxing bath might put you in a better mood and help avoid arguments.

2. Avoid alcohol
While drinking in moderation might not be too harmful, if you’re drinking every night or drinking large amounts, the depressive effect of alcohol might be contributing to your bad mood. Many couples find they argue more once under the influence of alcohol so if you suspect this is the case, try avoiding alcohol for a while.

3. Stay up longer
You might want to get to bed on time, particularly if you have work the next day but staying up an extra half hour to resolve an argument is much better than lying awake half the night feeling stressed.

4. Park the argument
If you really can’t resolve your differences straightaway, schedule a time for the next day to sit down and discuss things rationally. This way you can make up and go to bed knowing that you have both agreed to come back and discuss issues at a time when you’ll be feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

5. Make a list
If an argument has left your brain whirring, get up and make a list of your worries. Once it’s down on paper, you’ll find you can drift off more easily.

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