Emotions Run High Over Gay Marriage Debate

gay coupleA duelling debate over the legislation of gay marriage took place in Minnesota, where committees met to discuss the consideration of a bill to legalise same-sex marriage. Votes in House and Senate committees were in but a final action could still be months away while lawmakers look to deal with the budget of the state first and foremost. During the debate members of the public were allowed to have their say on the bill, with each statement delivered two minutes at a time, where people discussed their definition of marriage. A source of tension for nearly ten years, the legislation is, for the first time, discussing gay marriage as something to be allowed rather than simply barring it permanently as it has been in the past.


The public weighed in on both sides of this important argument, from doctors and business owners to children and gay couples. A number of families had their say on the issue, many of which wanted to discuss the fact that their own children should be entitled to the same rights as other families’ children. This issue has been in the media for years, with more countries making amendments to their ruling in recent years to enable gay couples to marry legally.


The referendum in Minnesota highlights the city’s desire to see gay couples and equal members of society with the same rights as every other citizen. Karen Clark, the bill’s sponsor representative and a lesbian herself, stated that Minnesota doesn’t turn its back on families. Same sex marriages could begin legally in August – gay marriage is currently legal in nine states in America, with many others considering the bill. The emotional stress of this issue is, for many, extremely high. This new legislation will spell fantastic news to numerous couples who will be offered the same rights to marry as everyone else.

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