How to Become a Miracle Magnet with Kundalini Meditation

Meditation is a common practice in complementary wellness, as practitioners believe it helps to improve all aspects of wellbeing; from emotional stability to generating life opportunities. One such practice is a Kundalini meditation known as Purify the Subtle Body.

Your subtle body is the part of you that attracts opportunities, positivity and good news, and so meditating and engaging with the subtle body makes you a magnet for miracles and connects you to the universe. You start the subtle body meditation by sitting in an easy pose, known as the Mudra. This involves sitting with your legs crossed and your back straight, while your arms are placed down by your sides with the backs of your palms on the ground.

Then it’s time to begin the movement. As you breathe in, raise your arms over your head until the palms of your hands overlap a few inches above your head. This is known as the tenth gate – a pose in which your right hand is a few inches above the head – palm down – and your left palm faces down about an inch above the back of the right hand. You then keep lowering and raising your arms in and out of this position. However, you must make sure that your thumbs do not touch, as Yogi Bhajan very specifically keeps the thumbs separated when the hands overlap over the top of the head.

At the same time, you do the Subtle Body Breath, in which you make deep, short breaths with your mouth in the shape of an “O.” Inhale through the “O” as you raise the arms over the head, and exhale through the “O” as you lower the hands back down to the ground. You do this along to music known as the “Tantric Har,” which helps to keep you in time. You raise your arms up and inhale on the first “Har”, and your arms go down and you exhale on the second “Har”. Remember to pull in on the navel and the diaphragm as you do the movement. At the end, inhale deeply and hold for 15 seconds and immediately interlace your hands over your head, elbows straight, deeply stretching your body right to left, and left to right. Exhale, repeat this twice more, and relax.

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