Decorating Children’s Bedroom

Decorating your children’s bedroom can be a challenge. In a city like Mumbai where, very often, at least two siblings share a room, the challenges are even more, for you have to accommodate everything that goes with each child’s personality. However, there are a couple of things that you could keep in mind as general rules:

Choose flexible furnishings. The rooms will need to grow and change as the kids mature. Make sure you don’t end up with a style that your child is going to outgrow quickly. If you buy a bed that’s shaped like a race car, your six year old may love it but what happens when he is 14? Time to buy new furniture!

Design with an eye on future needs. A toddler may require a lot of floor space for playing but when your son or daughter grows up, they are going to need a better seating arrangement when their friends come visiting, or have their computer tables etc.

Don’t impose your wishes. You need to involve your children in choosing the colour of the walls or their bedcovers etc. Decorating a room helps children express their personalities, and can be a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about their kids.

Don’t be trapped by ‘trends’. What is more important than following the latest trends in decoration are practical considerations. Something may look good but is it practical in terms of cleanliness and safety?

Don’t buy twin beds. Your children are going to grow up, get taller, wider and need more space, independent of each other. Buying separate beds will solve a lot of potential skirmishes and territory disputes when they are older.

Buy furniture that will last. A good wardrobe?Yes. A side-table, which will be used for years together? Yes. A crib? No. Spend the majority of your budget on furniture that can grow with your child and save on items that they will quickly outgrow.

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