The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

Once, every household had a correspondence set filled with paper, envelopes, and cards ready to send a letter at a moment’s notice. Today, we’re much more likely to send a text, email, a watsapp or a message on social media. But although these electronic forms of communication are quicker and more convenient, there is still something undeniably special about receiving an old-fashioned letter through the post.

But why would anyone write a letter when there are so many easier ways to communicate? Well, a hand-written letter shows the recipient that you have taken the time and effort to write, making it mean much more than a text ever could.

Here are some times when it is worth writing a letter for a loved one.

Thank you notes – yes, you could say thanks by text or email but a thank you letter is much more personal and shows that you really appreciate the gift or favour that someone has provided.

Letters from children – writing letters is a great way to encourage children’s creative writing, spelling and grammar skills. Encourage them to write thank you letters when receiving presents or help them find a pen pal to correspond with.

For older family members – even though most older people are IT-savvy these days, many still love to receive a traditional letter through the post.

When someone is bereaved – if you are offering support to a friend or relative who is recently bereaved, a letter or card will be appreciated much more than an email.

When you want to be noticed – information sent by text or email can often get lost in a sea of other messages so when you’ve got something really important to say, send a letter.

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