What Secrets Hide Behind Your Bedroom Door?

Bad bediquette keeps a lot of people awake at night. Snoring and breathing loudly top the charts as the most annoying habits overall, though one in two groaners admit they may snore themselves. Other aggravating rituals include fidgeting, sneaking onto the other side of the bed, passing wind and sweating.

In fact, research conducted by British bed experts Dreams shows that sharing a bed with your other half isn’t always a pleasant experience. Three out of four people blame up to seven hours lost sleep a week on their partners bedtime habits, which are so infuriating that one in ten would rather share their bed with a beloved pet. One in 10 men confessed to secretly craving 3-in-a-bed snooze time with… a cuddly toy but are banned from doing so by their partner!

The bed is also a common battle ground for bickering about mothers-in-law, arguing over friends and family-related gossip, and disagreements over where to go on holiday.

Despite these nocturnal nuisances, three out of five still find some time for pillow talk, and half fall asleep while ‘spooning’ between the sheets. Making important life decisions is also a popular bedtime activity, such as discussing whether to start a family.

According to psychologist Emma Kenny, “When it comes to bed behaviour behind closed doors, we have many aggravating habits. But despite these bedtime irritants, the bed is still considered an important place for couples to bond and make life-changing decisions together. Atmosphere and comfort are the key ingredients to ensuring a slumber enhancing haven so finding the perfect bed for you and your partner is half the battle when it comes to achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.”


  1. Snoring/breathing loudly (54%)
  2. Hogging the duvet (46%)
  3. Sleeping naked (41%)
  4. Fidgeting (40%)
  5. Sneaking onto your partners side of the bed (35%)
  6. Passing wind (34%)
  7. Bad morning breath (27%)
  8. Sweating (26%)
  9. Letting pets into bed (17%)
  10. Sleep talking (17%)


  1. Pillow talk (59%)
  2. Talking to your partner about their day (57%)
  3. Reading a book (51%)
  4. Thinking about your to do list for the next day (49%)
  5. Watching TV/DVDs/iPads (46%)
  6. Day Dreaming (37%)
  7. Browsing the internet (37%)
  8. Checking personal emails (33%)
  9. Checking social networks (31%)
  10. Catching up on the news online (28%)

Different couples have different personalities and needs but all of them need a good night’s sleep. That is why everyone needs to have good bediquette to maintain the balance between personal space and achieving bedded bliss. After all, being good in bed also means sleep compatibility! 

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