Cope With Teenage Tantrums

Adolescence is a time when children seek greater personal control which can also lead to disagreements between the parents and the teenage children. Adolescents frequently resort to reactive behaviours which can be distressing for parents. Here are a few ways of taming the tantrum-throwing teenager:

Be firm, not aggressive. Stand your ground. Don’t allow your children to intimidate you. Do not cave in to their anger and drama. Stick to your course firmly but without being overly aggressive.

Use the right words. Teach, don’t punish with your words. A teaching approach to discipline is a better alternative to verbal punishment. Teenagers are old enough to reason with so you can work with them before they react with tantrum behaviour.

Ignore. Not every argument is worth getting both parties agitated over. Ignoring small things will help you keep your cool in these difficult situations. It will also allow the teenager time to cool off.

Outline the consequences. If the behaviour becomes intolerable and has effects on other children, then restate your expectations firmly and outline the consequences. Decide on them beforehand and administer them.

Give positive feedback. When your teenager comes through, don’t forget to give specific positive feedback. Thank them for being calm and acknowledge that it has helped you stay calm as well. Let your teenager know that they are being treated with respect as adults.

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