How Competition Can Make Healthy Workers

The term “work hard, play hard” may be something of a fantasy for some employees, but for many corporations, they are ousting out the bird-flinging flash games and bringing in something a little more challenging. Businesses are bringing in the bikes, the treadmills and a competitive edge to get the gaming ball rolling – and it’s actually working!

By engaging in healthy activities, workers are encouraged to earn prizes and gain perks for being physically ambitious. For workers, it gives them drive, competition, physical (and mental) benefits – and something to talk about!

Worker Kurt Augustine explains, “Its something you think of every day. You’re really fighting for bragging rights.”

“They might compete in how many fruits and vegetables they eat during a day compared to their co-workers,” adds one CEO at Augustine’s company.

Further benefits involve a slew of discounts on health insurance, in which these companies also offer benefits and rewards. Overall, workers are becoming productive and positive, both physically and mentally, which can affect worker and company performances alike.

The downside is that for those that refuse to be part of the health scheme, the companies that they work for can effectively penalise them for not getting involved; obviously this falls into certain boundaries such as disability, privacy and anti-discrimination, which can play its part in cancelling out any penalties.

“Healthier employees are more productive. They’re happier, they’re more engaged, they’re at work instead of absent. And all this can have a positive impact on a companies bottom line”, said Julie Stich, Director of Research at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans.

So rather than cooping oneself up into the corner of the cubicle with a white screen at your fingertips, your company may be the next to bring a competitive, positive spirit into your workplace.

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