How To Change Your Life In Your Coffee Break

Wellness is made up of lots of small things and all of us will have different combinations of things that contribute to our overall feeling of living harmoniously.

Family – No one has the perfect family but do you accept yours for who they are or do you spend your time trying to change them? If you feel challenged with anyone (not just family), the only thing you can do is change your behaviour towards him or her. Imagine what a great relationship with that person would look like and act towards them as if it already exists. Their behaviour will change!

Friends – It’s a well-known fact that the people you spend most of your time with impact your own energy and motivation, so whom are you spending your time with and what are you getting from them?

Career – There are lots of people who have accidental careers, something they fell into and have just settled for. Think about what you would love to be doing if money were no object, and then think about how you could make it happen.

Money – Are you managing your finances well? Have you got a good, automated system to help you keep track of what needs paying, and do you know what money you have available through the month? If you don’t then look at a simple budgeting tool to help you get some control and then just spend 10 minutes every week checking you are on track.

Learning and Development – Life is one long period of research and it is impossible to fail at anything because you are simply conducting your research. There will be things that work well for you and there will be others that don’t quite give you the outcome you were expecting; you just have to keep trying with different elements until you get the outcome you are looking for.

Health and Fitness – It’s true you are what you eat and you will be the product of what you do. If this is an aspect you want to work on, set yourself a couple of easy goals and then track your progress. If you know you are more likely to achieve by being in a group, then look at existing groups you can join or better still, get together with family and friends to form your own.

Fun and Leisure – This is the real laugh-out-loud, smile from ear-to-ear fun and leisure, where the choice and focus on the outcome is yours; it is not doing something for the benefit of others. If you are struggling with this one, when was the last time you really laughed and felt light and cheerful? How can you create more experiences like this?

Spiritual – This is about the inner you and your thinking. What are the words you usually hear in your own head, are they positive, encouraging and supportive, or are they critical, negative and paralysing? What three positive words would you like to focus on everyday when you first wake up? Write them on a piece of paper so you see them before you get out of bed.

Physical Environment – This is all the stuff around you, clothes, home, even your thinking. Are you creating a culture that will make you happy and support harmony, or are you living in a cluttered, confused, unstructured world that makes you stressed? Make one change – a tidy desk, a tidy room, a clean car, whatever will work best for you.

Romance/Significant Other – Do you love spending time with this person? Is the relationship equally balanced, where both give and take, or is it one sided? Even if you are single, you are out there mingling with others, impacting them with your presence, so are you giving out the right one?

Give each of the above a score out of 10 on how happy you are – 0 being very unhappy and 10 being it’s beyond perfect. To have complete balance you don’t need everything to be at 10. Then pick the first area you want to tackle, work on it till you achieve the balance you want and move on till you are shining bright.

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