Bonding With Baby: Ways To Be A Great New Bad

Many of us believe that women are naturally superior parents and need to be in charge with babies in the house. However, changing diapers, holding, rocking, comforting are all wonderfully nurturing tasks that even new dads can undertake. There are other ways in which you can be a great new dad:

Discuss your parenting goals with your partner. Ask your wife ‘How could I best support you as a parent?’ It is important that you talk about how best to support each other as parents.

Plan for a regular, consistent time alone with the baby. Having some regular time alone with baby will allow the new dads to discover their own unique set of parenting skills and to acquire the confidence that will let them to be a more ‘involved’ parent, even when their partner is around.

Establish routines of care. Feeding, bathing, changing, putting the baby to sleep, etc.and participating actively in the babycare routine can establish and nurture the father’s own bonds with the baby. Provide physical contact like rocking, playing, and infant massages. Become an expert in swaddling your baby to help with his or her sleep routine.

Speak to the baby often to help with language development.

Be unconditionally supportive. Your wife has undergone one of the biggest events of her life. Chances are that she is emotionally and physically very different nowand experience unexpected highs and lows. Don’t try to underestimate her stress.

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