How To Make Your Work Colleagues Like You

Being popular at work takes work. However, there are some simple ways to ensure you don’t end up being the one that no one likes.

Do your fair share. If you don’t share the workload, don’t expect to share the love.

Be positive. No one likes work all the time, but if you’re the one who’s always moaning, no one will like to spend time with you. Positivity is infectious and when everyone is optimistic, everyone is happy.

Celebrate. Make a big deal of co-workers special events, such as birthdays, engagements, promotions or having a baby. Organise a cake, gift or a drink after work so people feel special.

Go for surprise. You don’t need a special occasion to bring treats into the office. Sweets, biscuits, fruit and other healthy snacks will brighten everyone’s day.

Be a team player. Arrange an office sports team or activity bonding session to bring colleagues together and give them something in common to talk about.

Be funny. Humour is vital part of life – even when deadlines are tight and people are under pressure. Laughter diffuses tension, but only make fun of yourself – never target others.

Be nice. Resist the temptation to tell annoying colleagues exactly what you think of them. Remember, an irritating colleague could crop up again in the future at another company – or even as your boss!

Don’t come to work sick. You might think it shows you’re committed, but your fellow workers don’t want the germs you’re spreading around.

Lead but don’t control. There’s a fine line between showing leadership and being controlling. Talking down to your colleagues certainly won’t help you gain their respect. If you’re not the boss, don’t pretend to be.

Avoid touchy subjects. If you don’t know your work colleagues well, don’t broach sensitive issues with them. Leave religion, politics, dirty jokes and sexual remarks out of the workplace.

Be confidential. Don’t expect work colleagues to confide in you if you to talk negatively about other employees behind their backs.

But you were naturally doing all of those anyway, weren’t you?

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