Music: Is it Really Good For Your Health?

We all love listening to music as a way of winding down and relieving stress, but a new study has found that music could benefit anxiety-prone people, help reduce pain and soothe people suffering with depression. In a study carried out by Ohio State University discovered that patients on acute ventilator support, due to respiratory failure, had lower levels of anxiety when they listened to their favourite music, when compared with regular care. They also required less frequent sedation when they were listening to music. While it’s not the first time it’s been discovered that music therapy can help with various conditions, this study further promotes the benefits of music in combating conditions such as anxiety. Further study has been carried out which suggests that it can also boost the mood of cancer patients and alleviate pain. It’s not just listening to music which can help – singing in a choir or playing an instrument had the same effect.

This form of pain relief could be helpful in a variety of situations, such as helping to lower stress for people on the operating table who are undergoing surgery. It was found that people who were listening to pure melodies, compared to rhythmic arrangements, were most comforted. Studies have also found that you can help your sound processing abilities simply by listening to music more regularly. Although it may seem like an odd connection, some researchers believe that your heart health could be improved by listening to your favourite music! Listening to happy music can dilate the blood vessels near the inner lining of your heart, so blood can flow more freely. Furthermore, music therapy can improve the memory abilities of children – children who undertake music lessons perform better on tests and can recall words more easily than those who don’t. It seems that listening to music could do wonders for your health in a range of words, so taking time out of an evening to relax with some of your favourite tunes could be a health booster!

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