How Do You House Train A Puppy?

Potential dog owners are often put off by the thought of house-training a new puppy, but if you stick to some tested and proven principles, it can be achieved relatively quickly.

Be patient. For the first six months, just like human babies, a puppy has little control over where and when they do their business. Don’t tell them off; just be patient and willing to clean up. However, you can start teaching the basics during this period.

Place newspaper around the puppy’s bed, so it’s convenient. Once he associates the paper with going to the toilet, gradually move the paper further away until it’s near the door to the outside area. Always remember to praise the animal when it uses the newspaper for toilet purposes.

The next step is to associate a spot outside the home with going to the toilet. If you notice they regularly go in the same spot, reinforce that association by taking the pup to that spot every time he goes to the toilet where he isn’t supposed to. Try putting down some soiled newspaper from his bed area in that spot, to further strengthen the association. Take him to that spot first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after each feed. Eventually the dog should stand by the door so he can be let out to his preferred spot when it needs to go.

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