Love On The Rocks

There’s no one solution for a relationship on the rocks. Sometimes people just grow apart, or even fall out of love with each other, and finding a way back to where it all began seems like a mountain too high to climb. If you’re turning a blind eye to the situation because you cannot accept it, nothing will ever change. The longer you pretend you’re happy, because it’s easier, the longer it will take to mend things. If you find yourself sitting in a chair in front of the TV, every night, without exchanging eye contact or conversation with your partner, it’s time to wake up and get yourself a real life!

Any successful partnership is all about balance, compromise and teamwork. Young girls learn from an early age that the Prince who finds his Princess lives happily ever after – not that the fairy-tale may end soon after the wedding. What can keep the lust and desire alive after the honeymoon period is over?

When your partner is no longer interested in doing anything that involves just the two of you, like romantic dinners or a back row cinema date with popcorn and cuddles, they’ve lost interest in togetherness. They won’t ask any more how your day was or how you are feeling, and if you question them, the answers become abrupt, short and disinterested. When love is on the rocks, it begs one question: Do you truly desire a relationship with someone who no longer finds you attractive or interesting?

A good indicator your relationship is on the rocks is when you cannot remember the last time you laughed out loud together. When the only communication between you is bickering, nagging and complaining, your partner has switched off. It’s hard to face the person you once loved to death if they’re now boring you to death. But there are always two sides to any partnership, and taking personal responsibility for your bad relationship is never easy.

If your relationship is something you want to get back on track, try to rekindle some romance and find quality together time to relax, listen and be open about how you feel. Reflect and revisit some great moments and memories you’ve shared together and tell your partner what you need now. Both of you need to make sure that positive interactions outnumber negative ones and learn to diffuse tense situations by conscious de-escalating. Expressing your love, communicating it, texting messages or sweet nothings can be very effective, so does touch that is not limited only to sex. Make physical affection part of your daily life. Doing something thoughtful and romantic to remind your partner how much you care goes a long way. However, more than anything, both of you need take care of yourself or you’ll have little energy for your partner or the relationship. Only when you are happy can you bring positive energy to your partner.

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