Gardening without a Garden

As modern living accommodation becomes more compact, many people no longer have access to a garden of their own. Perhaps you live in a flat or apartment without any outside space or maybe your outside areas are paved or concreted. But just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spot of gardening – but on a slightly smaller scale.

Plenty of plants can be grown successfully in pots on a patio or balcony, in a hanging baskets and window boxes, or even inside on the windowsill. One of the easiest things to grow in small pots is a collection of herbs and salad leaves. And the bonus is that you can use the fruits of your labour in your home cooking.

Hanging baskets look beautiful filled with a mixture of flowers but can equally be used to grow tomatoes. Strawberries and potatoes can also be grown in pots on a patio or balcony. Alternatively keep an eye out for unusual containers in which to grow plants, vegetables and flowers. Everything from an old watering can to a collection of jam jars can make great containers.

If you want to grow a bigger variety of fruit and veg, look out for community gardening projects in your area or offer to help friends and family with their own gardens. Many people who do have a garden simply don’t have the time to look after it and might be very happy to give you a section of their garden to cultivate.

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