Let Go To Simplify Your Life

Simplify your life by letting go of your attachment to things – having a bigger house, a better car, nicer vacations, more clothes, more make-up, more money. It’s not that any of these things are bad, it’s just that for many people these have become the goal of their life – and this only leads to unhappiness, frustration and sometimes destruction. The goals of life are love and happiness, so a bigger house will not make you happy. It might make you happy for a few weeks, but then you will be back to being unhappy again and you’ll look about for something else that’s bigger or better or acquire more of what you already have. Rather than pursue that never-ending search, which is virtually guaranteed to never satisfy you, it’s better to focus on getting what you really, truly are looking for – spiritual happiness and peace.

You live in a world where it’s high time to find spiritual happiness and peace. But not everyone can go to the mountains, live in a cave or abstain from sex and relationships, or the world would collapse. Instead, learn to bring more spiritual energy, spiritual awareness and wisdom into your life. You do this by letting go of any unhealthy attachments you have to ‘stuff’ – things with no spiritual value, such as possessions, but also any attachments to people or places that are preventing you from being happy and finding peace.

People are often distracted by the stresses and madness in their life, what others have said, what they’ve done, the bills coming in, how to provide for their children, fears and anxiety about what will happen and what will not happen. Know that the past cannot hurt you except in your mind.

So simplify your life. Let go of the ‘stuff’ that feeds your chattering thoughts and distracts you from your Soul. At the same time, stay present, be part of this world and stay connected with your daily life. In doing so, you bring your Soul’s energy into your life – as a provider, as a father, mother, spouse, friend, daughter or son.

You are facing an enormous challenge – bringing spiritual awareness and wisdom into ordinary life, with all the distractions that ordinary life brings. Yet, this is what needs to happen for the world to heal. And you do this first by realising it in your own life. Then, the healing of others has a chance to take place by others being inspired by the change in you.

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