When A Friend Betrays You

When a close friend betrays you, it’s natural for your emotions to range from anger and confusion to disappointment and sadness. You may even blame or feel angry with yourself for trusting your friend, or question whether you did something to deserve the betrayal.

Once the shock of the betrayal subsides, you need to decide whether to try to salvage your friendship or sever all ties with your so-called friend. Betrayals come in many forms from the old friend who has an affair with your partner to the trusted work colleague who gossips about private details from your personal life.

Dealing with Betrayal

The first step is to gather the facts. Don’t rely on second-hand reports from others. Talk to your friend and find out exactly what they did and why. You may find there was a complete misunderstanding or at the very least you’ll gain a clearer picture of how serious the betrayal was.

Next you need to decide whether you can forgive your friend and rebuild the trust within your relationship. This will depend on the nature and severity of the betrayal. If you do want to remain friends, you need to let your friend know how much they have hurt you and seek reassurances that they won’t betray you in the same way again.

If you decide that the friendship is irreparable, don’t blame yourself. Move on and focus on the other relationships in your life, seeking support and friendship from those you can trust. Don’t let this one friend make you wary around others – although it is hurtful, a betrayal by a friend is rare.

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