How A Promotion Can Affect Your Relationships

Receiving a promotion at work is cause for celebration – particularly if you’ve worked hard for it. But one unwelcome effect of getting a promotion can be the way it changes your relationship with those around you.

The biggest change you might find is in how your workmates treat you. Perhaps you used to work side-by-side but are now in a higher position than them. Things are even more complicated if you now have to give orders to the people you used to regard as friends.

There’s no reason why you can’t stay friends with people at work after a promotion but your relationships may need to change slightly. You might find your pals no longer confide in you if they feel you’re in a position of power – particularly if your organisation has a ‘them and us’ culture that separates senior staff from other workers.

You may also find that you have to avoid office gossip more carefully now that you are in a higher position in order to remain professional.

Of course, it is possible to stay friends with your colleagues after a promotion but you may need to work harder at the relationship. Make time for friendly conversation that’s not connected to work but avoid office gossip and workplace politics as much as possible. The most important thing is not to dump your friends – you never know when you may need their help and support at a later date.

It’s natural to sometimes feel left out after receiving a promotion. You could find that you’re no longer part of the same social group or that you’re excluded from after-work drinks or lunch dates. Try not to take this personally – hopefully you will find opportunities to socialise with other people in your new team or department. Alternatively, take the opportunity to bring different departments or levels of staff together socially.

Relationships at Home

As well as relationships changing with work colleagues, you may find that a promotion affects your relationships at home too. If your promotion has come with a hefty pay-rise, your friends may be envious. Or perhaps your partner was used to being the main breadwinner and feels upset if you’re now earning more than them. If your promotion brings extra pressures such as longer hours, more responsibilities, or business trips away from home, those you live with may have to adjust to your change in lifestyle. Talk to them before problems arise so that they know what to expect and can provide you with the support you need as you settle into your new role.

There’s no reason why your promotion should have a negative effect on your relationships, but being aware of the changes that could occur will mean you are well prepared and can ensure that the relationships with those around you stay strong.

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