Changed Your Mind About Children?

Deciding whether you want to have children is a very personal decision. Your viewpoint will probably impact your long-term relationships and most people settle down with a partner who shares the same values.

Whatever your future plans about starting a family, it’s difficult to make a relationship work unless you both agree. The problem is people can change their minds, particularly if you got together when you were relatively young. So as time passes, you may find you’ve changed your mind. But what if your hopes and aspirations have changed but your partner’s haven’t?

Respect their point of view

You might hope that with enough persuasion you can change your partner’s decision. But it’s important not to bully someone into changing their mind. If they are adamant that they do/or don’t want children, you have to respect that decision, even if it conflicts with your own views.

Talk through any concerns

While it’s essential to respect your partner’s decision, it is also important to understand why they hold a particular point of view. You may find that their decision stems from financial worries for example, which you could find a solution to together. And even if you don’t end up agreeing, at least you’ll understand their thought process.

Be ready to move on if necessary

It’s difficult to accept but if you definitely do want children and your partner doesn’t, or vice versa, then you may need to make the decision to split up and move on. If you stay together, it could lead to resentment and, ultimately, an unhappy life without fulfilling your dreams.

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