Living Together

At a certain stage in a relationship, many couples might make the decision to move in together. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this can make practical and financial sense, but living with someone is very different to just dating them and relationships can change dramatically once you start co-habiting.

Here are some questions to ask before setting up home together:

What do we want from our relationship?

Are you moving in together because you cannot bear to be apart, or simply because it’s convenient? Do you see this as a long-term relationship that is likely to lead to marriage and kids or are you unsure? It’s important that you both agree what moving in together signifies.

Do we share the same goals?

Do you want to work hard and save hard now to invest in the future or are you more concerned with living life in the minute? If you share the same outlook on life, it will make living together easier.

How will we split finances?

Make a list of all your income and expenditure and agree how you will split your money. Is a joint bank account a good idea or would you rather have financial freedom?

How will we share responsibilities?

So many couples fall out because of arguments around housework and domestic responsibilities. Before moving in together, agree how you will split day-to-day jobs. It’s much easier to discuss this now than once you’re caught up in domestic life.

Sharing your home with a loved one is a great way to move a relationship to the next step. By taking the time to discuss the future, you stand the best possible chance of a happy and healthy relationship.

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