A Vegan’s Guide to Eating at a Stadium

Heading out to a basketball, baseball or football game is guaranteed to be a great time. Regardless of whether your team wins or loses, the roar of the crowd, the lively fans and the souvenirs all make a trip to the stadium memorable.

But for those who subscribe to a vegan lifestyle, navigating the stadium’s dining options can be a bit daunting. Who’s to know exactly what is in that nacho “cheese,” or if that pretzel is made without animal products. Luckily, many stadiums and sports venues are on board with healthier and animal-free
choices. We’ve rounded up a few options that will help you enjoy the game without going hungry.

Classic Fare

Pretzels and popcorn are great standbys for the vegan fan. Easily found at almost all stadiums, these items aren’t just classics—they taste great, too! Most large soft pretzels are vegan as long as you forgo any cheese dipping sauce. Before you order, though, you may want to ask about any added ingredients.

The same goes for popcorn—double-check that it’s been popped in plant-based oil and no butter has been added. Wait until the line dies down, as concessions workers can be a little stressed about checking ingredients when a line is wrapped around the corner behind you.

Vegans also have the option of grabbing some peanuts or potato chips. While these don’t constitute a whole meal, they can definitely help tide you over until after the game if nothing else is available.

Nachos and Tex-Mex

For those who love nachos, rice and beans, you’re in luck! In some stadiums, you can now find nachos with all the fixins’, minus the questionable cheese sauce. From guacamole to beans, rice, salsa and hot peppers, there’s plenty of vegan toppings from which to choose. If you’re craving Tex-Mex, grab a
burrito or taco—just stay away from sour cream and cheese and you’re good to go.

Larger stadiums—like those hosting NFL or NHL teams—will likely have chain restaurants within them. Spots like Taco Bell, Moe’s and even Neo Burrito all offer vegan and vegetarian options. At Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, vegans can find delicious Tex-Mex options like blue corn tamales
with squash and onions.

Veggie Dogs and Burgers

There’s no denying that absolute American image of biting into a burger or hot dog at the stadium. Thanks to ongoing awareness, many stadiums are stepping up their vegan dog and burger game.

Progressive Field, home to the Cleveland Indians, dishes out Field Roast vegan Italian sausages along with vegan dogs and grilled pickle sandwiches. Yankee Stadium in New York City now offers Field Roast vegan frankfurters, vegan black bean burgers and other tasty plant-based plates. Globe Life Park, home to the Texas Rangers, was voted most vegan-friendly stadium, with plenty of meatless dogs and burgers, vegan chili and modified Texas-style dishes abound.

Salads and Fresh Produce

Yes, really! Many stadiums now offer lettuce wraps, salads and other veggie options, all of which are vegan. For example, Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles has a whole case of healthy options with tons of fresh fruit, salads and juices available. Just because you’re at the game doesn’t mean you have to
give in to traditional stadium fare… unless you want to, of course!

Check Before You Go

When in doubt, fans can check Veggie Happy’s Venue Guide. The site details all the vegan and vegetarian offerings at nearly every NFL and MLB stadium. Finding out what’s on the menu beforehand can save you a headache later. As a last resort, if you don’t see anything vegan being offered, check the stadium’s food policy—you may be able to bring a snack or meal in with you.

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