Two Peas In A Pod – Five Things You Should Never Say To Twins

Twins hold a special fascination. Being a twin can be a wonderful experience, bringing a lifetime of love and companionship but it can also bring many annoyances as people make assumptions about life as a twin.

If you have twins in the family, or have friends who are twins, it’s worth knowing the things to avoid saying. One of the first no-nos is to refer to them as ‘the twins’!

You look so alike/You look nothing alike

Whether they are identical or not, all twins are used to hearing constant comparisons about their looks. You won’t be the first to comment on their appearance so you don’t need to state the obvious.

You’re nothing like your twin

Many people assume that twins will have the same personality as their sibling but remember they are two distinct people, each with their own characters. Don’t treat twins as one person; take the time to get to know their individual personalities.

Happy birthday to the twins!

Yes, they share a birthday but make the effort to buy each twin their own birthday card and present. Again, they are two distinct people so you should treat them as such. Don’t expect them to necessarily like the same things or even share the same friends.

Ask if they were conceived naturally

Often twins are the result of fertility treatment but it’s not polite to start questioning a parent about how their children were conceived.

Which one are you?

If you’ve only just met a pair of identical twins, you can be forgiven for not being able to tell them apart, but if they are closer family members or friends you’ve known for a while, make an effort to learn which is which.

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