The Benefits of Saying ‘Yes’ More Often

We all know why it’s good to say ‘no’ from time to time. Setting clear boundaries is how we take care of ourselves when life gets busy. We need downtime to recharge, without it we become unhinged.

But, it’s just as important to say an enthusiastic ‘yes’ to life. As a card-carrying introvert this notion leaves me feeling a little (okay, very) uncomfortable. I like routine and I love my own company.

When I started using Google Maps to find my way to the supermarket, the writing was on the wall: I needed to get out more. Not one to do things in half measures, I suggested to my partner that we sell everything we own and become full time house sitters.

Almost immediately, an offer to ‘house sit’ a permaculture farm fell into our laps. With more trepidation than enthusiasm, we said ‘yes’ to what we hoped would be an amazing experience.

I was terrified. But as the weeks slipped away and our departure date drew closer, I slowly began to relax into the idea. I reminded myself that the change of pace and environment would do me good.

Saying Yes Will Change Your Life

Saying ‘yes’ will change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine. It opens the door to new possibilities, it allows you to live more fully, it attracts positivity and it forces you to stretch yourself.

Our permaculture adventure has given us all of those things and more. It’s been hard, scary and overwhelming, but not for a single instance have we regretted saying ‘yes’ to this opportunity. We did a pros and cons list before accepting the gig and the pros are still a long way in the lead.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Growth only happens when you get out of your comfort zone. Saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities will get you off your comfy spot on the couch and out into the world. Of course it’s scary and super uncomfortable, but that’s the point.

Without the discomfort you’re only going to languish, which is exactly what my partner and I were doing in our cozy seaside apartment. As born and bred city girls with a penchant for creature comforts, agreeing to live off the grid for a month was stretching ourselves in the extreme.

Recognizing this, we worked on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable before leaving the city. The idea is simple: accept discomfort as your new norm and learn to enjoy it, rather than rail against it.

As Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is, says, “When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.”

It didn’t miraculously transform every challenge into a breeze, but it definitely helped us maintain a (mostly) positive demeanor each time a new situation arose. We’d focus solely on solving the problem at hand.

Only once we’d fixed whatever was broken would we take a breather and allow ourselves time to vent. Approaching adversity with this mindset helped us maintain our sense of humor and not get bogged down by the enormity of the task.

We’d also make a point of looking for the lesson in everything. (Because there’s always at least one.) It became something of a game for us, trying to see how quickly we could find the take-away from the problem.

What You Can Gain From Saying ‘Yes’ More

benefits of saying yes

  • You become more adaptable.
  • You learn to bob and weave as each new situation arrises.
  • Thinking on your feet is easy.
  • Finding solutions becomes your new norm.
  • You’re less afraid to try new things.
  • There’s no chance of stagnating.
  • You never know where you’ll end up.
  • You meet new people from all walks of life.
  • If you’re in a couple, your relationship grows stronger.
  • You discover what you like and what you don’t like.
  • You might even discover that what you thought you liked, you don’t (and vice versa).
  • You feel like a kid again.
  • Life is more fun.
  • Everything is an adventure.
  • Best of all, regret isn’t something you ever have to worry about.

When you say ‘yes’ more your life will grow and expand into something extraordinary. Suddenly you’re doing, not just dreaming. Jim Carrey’s character in the movie Yes Man may have taken the concept a little too far, but give it a try anyway. If this introvert can do it, anyone can.

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