Couples Who Laugh Together… How Humour Helps Relationships

A sense of humour is a common characteristic people look for in a partner. There’s a reason for it: Couples who laugh together have a stronger bond, and are able to more easily overcome conflicts and stresses in their relationship. Laughter has big benefits for your health and well-being and is also a significant factor in a relationship. Even a small amount of laughter can do well for your emotions if you have had a bad day.

A genuinely fun time with your partner will allow you to relax and impart some much-needed calm. In fact, it is moments like these at home that enable people to achieve balance between professional and personal life to make you feel good.

Here are some more reasons to laugh together so your relationship will thrive and survive:

Retain the magic

After the initial honeymoon period wears off, what should remain strong is how much fun and laughter you experience together. Being goofy or just being silly together can help to keep the magic alive years into a relationship.

Communication is better

Couples who can share humour have fewer boundaries with one another, which means you are more likely to be able to communicate more effectively with one another.

Stress relief

Laughter is the best medicine. Having a partner who is able to make you laugh is the perfect form of stress relief. It helps you unwind and able to face life’s pressures better.

Great sex

Sex doesn’t have to be serious. There are times when you are intense and then there are days when sex can be silly and funny. Being in a relationship where all of this is embraced can only make your sex life better!

Inside jokes & stronger connection

It feels great when you and your have a bunch of inside jokes that only the two of you know about. Being able to share an inside joke with a person automatically brings you much closer to them making you a stronger couple, ensureing a stronger and more secure friendship as well as relationship.

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