What’s Your Colour Personality?

Science has long recognised that colour affects our behaviour and the way we feel. Certain colours have been found to be preferred regardless of age, race, or culture but colour preference may be culturally based as well. Colours are rich with symbolism and affect how we associate colours with things, objects or physical space and react to it. Bright colours elicit mainly positive emotional associations, while dark, drab colours elicit negative emotional associations and weaken spirit, lower morale, health, and may inhibit optimism, inspiration, and success. Here are some of the personality traits associated with colours:

Red: You are active, adventurous, energetic, assertive, rebellious, uncontrolled, happy, restless, aggressive, risk-taking, strong and powerful. Red is the colour of passion, danger and anger. You are warm, goal-oriented, determined, demanding and results-driven. In relationships, you are the dominant partner. At workplace, you can sometimes be intolerant of others’ ideas but do well in leadership roles.

Orange: You are a social butterfly. You genuinely love to be around others and have the need to belong to a group. Dealing with you is easy because your presence is not intense. You are generally warm and optimistic, love freedom and adventure and prefer to socialise with your own kind. In relationships, loyalty isn’t your strong point and you find it difficult to commit, constantly looking for a new thrill.

Yellow: You are cheerful, lively, fun, highly independent and impulsive. You are a good provider for yourself and your family and when it comes to socialising you prefer only a small circle of friends. You dream big and have high expectations but focusing on them could be a problem. You pick your partners carefully and are always ready for breakup. You also move on very quickly. You are excellent company when in a good mood but on dark day you can be aloof and mean.

Green: You are secure, peaceful, serene and relaxed about life. There is a distinct calmness about you. You are caring and loyal in your relationships and friendships, make an excellent friend and partner and are a good listener. You are very open and emotional and don’t bother to hide your feelings. This may or may not work for you, but you will never pretend to be someone you are not. You are, then, genuine, sincere and reliable. You are also unassuming, friendly, and network easily.

Blue: You have controlled emotions and suppress feelings. You are also questioning and creative and will not trust others easily but you are quiet, deep and appear peaceful. You value your close friends and family and rarely venture outside your own social circle. You stick to traditions and predictability and need an order in your life and surroundings. You are stable and steady with romantic relationships.

White: You have confidence in yourself and often strive for perfection. Your optimism is commendable and so is your ability to reinvent yourself whatever hue your life takes. You are an idealist and also a good organiser. You are cautious, practical and careful with money. In relationships, you can be quite prudish, think carefully before acting, have a great deal of self-control and aren’t prone to impulsive behaviour. However, this tends to take away spontaneity from your interactions.

Black: You are decisive, powerful and confident; people with this personality type will make excellent leaders or entrepreneurs. You are also intense, conservative, creative and mysterious. However, you could hide a lot of darkness within your personality and those who are subjected to it can suffer. You never give away too much, your way of protecting yourself from getting hurt.

This colour profile is only a guide. It does not mean that you exhibit every trait of a particular colour but you are more likely to find yourself in one of the colours than in any other. Few people are completely represented by just one colour type. All of us are usually a mixture of at least two colour types in varying degrees.

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