What Kind Of A Lover Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Gives A Clue

Your personality plays a key role in your dating process. It influences who attracts you, how you come across to them and is more important than appearance when it comes to real sparks flying. Your zodiac sign can be an indicator of your personality traits and could provide insights into your romantic personality.

Aries: You want it all – romance, passion and excitement. And you love a challenge! The thrill of chase is what drives you. You get bored very easily and it is little surprises and adventures that keep your relationship ticking. You despise jealousy and possessiveness and keep away from such people. You are also dominating by nature but hate a meek partner; it’s no fun. You would rather wrestle for control. You will put your partners on a pedestal and will expect utmost loyalty from them. Once hurt, you will never return.

Your bedroom style: Passionate quickies over leisurely sessions with incense, moon and poetry.

Taurus: You’re calm, caring and sensual. You are also stable, passionate, earthy and romantic. You don’t play games with people: What you see is what you get! Uncertainty or unpredictability dampens your ardour and sends you into a sulk.

You are physically strong yet emotionally gentle sign that is turned on by fragrance and food and knows the power of touch. You’re also stubborn, possessive and if things end, you feel a sense of loss that could be disproportionate to the actual relationship. You don’t forgive and forget.

Your bedroom style: No one can deliver a more sensual arousing massage than Taurus.

Gemini: You’re genial, sociable and make friends easily. You may want the thrills and adventure of a chase but you also crave for stability. You will have many relationships before you settle down in one. You also have conflicting sides to your personality that tends to confuse your partners. You want your personal freedom but become emotionally dependent on your partners. Love and sex are both equally important to you in a relationship and you won’t have one without the other. You have an easy-come, easy-go attitude and, when a relationship ends, you simply move on.

Your bedroom style: You are true masters of sexting and erotica. You turn it into a high art so it becomes a form of foreplay.

Cancer: You are nurturing and loyal, sweet and sensitive. You need to be pursued because you are terrified of rejection. For you sexuality is sacred, an expression of love and trust, not just a thing for personal enjoyment. Your partner needs to give themselves to you completely or you will have a sense of frustration. And you will share it candidly with them. In fact, your partner might need to do some serious wooing but, once committed to a relationship, you can be counted to stay away from affairs and do your best to make things work.

Your bedroom style: You crave emotional intimacy. Unless your partner is willing to bare their soul, you are not likely to enjoy sex with them.

Leo: You are confident, outgoing, loyal and passionate in everything that you do. You love to be the center of attention and want to be admired by your partner often. You are generous and will give a lot to the relationship but you are very proud and your ego affects your relationships majorly. You tend to take charge of the relationship and this may not always go too well with your partner.

Your bedroom style: You have a great sexual appetite but don’t give in too easily. You love drama and enjoy a cat-and-mouse game with your partners.

Virgo: Your relationships tend to be easygoing. You are kind and listen to your heart when it comes to romance. You can be shy, but once you open up, you give your all to the association. However, you also tend to be critical and expect perfection, which is not always possible in relationships. Your brutal honesty might send your partner reeling or clam up.

Your bedroom style: No one-night stands for you. However, serial monogamy is a possibility. And you’re serious about hygiene!

Libra: In a relationship you look for not just a lover, but also someone who will also be your closest friend. You’re a born flirt but your flirtatiousness should not give people the wrong idea; you are charming and friendly with everyone. You are often perceived as insincere because you would go to great lengths to avoid a confrontation, which prevents you from being honest. You won’t risk ugly scenes. If ignored for long, you will easily replace your partner because you value your love life too much.

Your bedroom style: Your indecisiveness makes it hard for others to understand what you want. You can’t say no but you are no pushover. And you hate aggression.

Scorpio: You appear to be calm and self-controlled but underneath are very sensitive, easily hurt and angered. You are intense, stubborn, jealous and possessive. You make a loyal friend but are slow to forgive. However, you will also never forget an act of kindness and will try to repay it. Your extreme secrecy and suspiciousness makes it very difficult for people to trust you. You are unreasonably competitive and try to gain control over your partner in your relationships. If your love is not returned, you will replace love with hate.

Your bedroom style: You are dominating, adventurous, and can have a darker side where your ego rules. Sex has a dangerous and addictive attraction for you.

Sagittarius: You are warm-hearted, witty and genial. You need stimulating conversation to keep you interested. Honesty is important to you in a relationship. In a relationship, you need to have your own personal space and freedom and can also become bored quickly so might start looking elsewhere for excitement. You have a tough time committing to a long-term relationship, and flee when others come on too strong.

Your bedroom style: Generous and giving, you are also impulsive. You have a smoldering and seductive approach.

Capricorn: You appear to be shy and withdrawn and slow to commit. Home and family life is very high on your list of priorities and you look for a partner who feels the same. You prefer total commitment to casual flings. You like to feel needed and have strong protective instincts. Emotionally, you are quite reserved and private and don’t believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are happy to bide your time until the right person comes along.

Your bedroom style: You have a wild streak underneath that traditional facade. You don’t like surprises. Familiarity encourages trust and great sex.

Aquarius: You are curious and would like to know your romantic partner completely. Sex for you is a measure of love, but not a trustworthy one. You see them separately. You are very protective of your personal space and dread anyone encroaching upon it, even your closest partner. You prefer that both partners live their own lives even while living under the same roof, spending time apart and getting intertwined from time to time. You appear emotionally detached and disdainful of overt sentimentality.

Your bedroom style: Sex with you can be fun and light-hearted. You are strongly attracted to unconventionality.

Pisces: Extremely romantic, you are blessed with a vivid imagination and bring all your wealth of creativity into your love life. You write beautiful love letters and put your partners on pedestal. You are very emotional when it comes to love affairs and need to be constantly reassured that you are truly loved or you may find it elsewhere. You are highly intuitive and can see through your partner. The worst thing they can do is to try and control you. It will drive you away. Your soft, loving, giving nature means you are not always a faithful lover.

Your bedroom style: The biggest turn-on for you is imagination and creativity. Poetry, romance, gentle foreplay are all good for this emotionally generous, loving sign.

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