How to Keep Employees Happy With Positive Communication

Sometimes words can make a huge difference. Employers are finding that giving regular praise, communicating openly and being inclusive to staff has a positive impact. Worker productivity and happiness increases greatly when they are regularly complimented on their effort at work. Here are eight key phrases that can make all the difference.


Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ can make someone feel appreciated for their actions, and in particular referencing the act you are saying thank you for will show that you are paying genuine attention to that person’s actions. Telling someone that you are glad to have them on your team, or working for you, is a sure way to make someone feel valued and important. Similarly, saying ‘I can always count on you’ can make them feel that they have something special to offer. This works especially well if you specify the thing you can rely on that person for. The importance of a boss being able to identify the valuable and unique traits of a worker is immense, particularly in environments where there are many workers. Giving specialised compliments to individuals ensures that they don’t feel anonymous or unimportant. A final phrase that is sure to help during stressful times is ‘I believe in you’. If an employee is struggling at work or at home, words of support may be in need, and can improve someone’s mood and attitude.


Asides from compliments and praise, it is important for employers to be inclusive and explain things to their workers. ‘Why’ is an important word, in order to avoid employees feeling left in the dark or confused. Explaining why a decision has been reached can reconcile a worker who has a different opinion. Also explaining the path of the company or businesses future is important to keep workers focused, and to make them feel that the future of the business is part of their duty and future. Most significantly, in order to be inclusive, ask ‘what do you think?’ Valuing each other’s opinions and contributions is the key to a healthy company. Finally, though it may be difficult sometimes, admitting when you have made an error can reconcile hostile workers, and show that you are honest and truthful with them.

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