Why is Networking so Important and How Do You Do It?

Networking is vital for business, but in order to network successfully you need to be prepared to develop strong relationships that benefit each person. Many people don’t maintain these relationships, claiming that they don’t get any business from networking, but in order to achieve this you need to develop a strong relationship – business doesn’t appear within a few chance meetings and you won’t get instant gratification. Here are some top tips to ensure that your networking secures your company some great business.


1 – Understand your target market

There’s no point in networking with companies who don’t help you to reach your target market, so do your research beforehand in order to find like-minded businesses. Find networking functions in your local area that suit your company – they’re a great way to meet people and can help you connect with your target market.


2 – Know your worth

When you’re preparing to build your network, you need to know what you can bring to the table – after all, relationships are a two-way thing. Take a look at your skill set and what your business offers, then think about how you would be of use to other companies. These aspects of you as a networker are what will help you to build a professional network.


3 – What are your goals?

An important part of your marketing plan will be your goals, and this applies to your professional networking, too. What are your objectives and how will you measure your success? You don’t want to attend networking events on the off-chance of meeting someone who will help your company – take the initiative and work towards your goals.


4 – Give to receive

If you want to be a successful networker you need remember one important rule – in order to receive value, you need to offer value. The purpose of successful networking is to build strong relationships, so everyone involved needs to be of value. You need to give as much time and effort as you’d expect to receive from the other person.


5 – Maintain your relationships

If you’re expecting to meet someone at an event and grow your business instantly, you’ll be disappointed. A relationship won’t sustain itself, so you need to follow-up with people who you meet and build trust.

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