Five Rules Of Happiness

Studies show happiness is the ultimate anti-depressant, warding off infection, enhancing memory, reducing pain and preventing heart disease. But, there is no magic pill for happiness. You need to create it yourself.

The problem might be you

Physician and author Dr Harry Barry, in his book ‘Flagging Anxiety and Panic’, says that too many of us are living with unhelpful beliefs and behaviours, which keep us miserable. But with some simple brain reprogramming, we can change all that. The problem is what he calls ‘low frustration tolerance’. This is what happens when we are close to changing, but don’t we don’t like the discomfort it creates and slip back into our old ways.

Dr Barry suggests identifying where the issues lie, by writing down the five main things bothering you – whether that’s being unhappy at work, unfit, overeating, etc. Then ask yourself what the underlying reason is for keeping on this particular path?

Start with the issue causing the greatest distress and look at simple changes you can make to improve it. Once you see the benefits, you’ll be confident to tackle the next issue on your list. Here are few other tips experts agree can help you transform your attitude:

1. Respect how others see the world

Everyone has their own unique perception of the world. Two people can have the same experience but have entirely different perceptions. You do not have to agree with the other person, but you should respect their opinion.

2. Don’t judge.

Practice being non-judgmental; don’t be critical or share your criticisms with others.

3. Change your perception of reality instead of the circumstances.

Unhappy people believe that if people or situations around them change they would be happy. They don’t want to change their own behaviour. The best way to be happy is to change your how you see reality.

4. Understand that there is positive intention behind all behaviour.

Everyone’s behaviour is driven by a subconscious desire to be happy. If you accept this, you are less likely to see negativity.

5. Acknowledge that you have the tools for change.

We are born with all the tools we need to be happy. Sometimes it’s simply easier to blame others than to make an effort. Create the life you deserve.

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