Seven ridiculously cool ways to wear your pashmina shawls differently

It’s winter and just the right time to wear your pashmina shawl in completely unexpected and updates ways, with cool, trend-setting results. To give the cold-weather accessory a very 2017 spin, here’s some styling inspiration.

Bored with how you wrap your pashmina shawl? Try different styles like the shrug style, use a brooch pin or give the shawl a shoulder twist.

Designer Sumona Parekh from the label, Sumona Couture and Siddharth Saigal, Head and Owner, Wrap Studio, have a few suggestions:

  1. To sport the shrug style, you will need a small elastic band, then just throw the pashmina around your shoulders, hold the two long ends at the back together and pull them through your elastic band. Adjust the elastic band so it sits underneath the back of the shawl, giving a cape-like look from behind.
  2. Throw the wrap around your shoulders and then take one corner, twist and lay over one shoulder. Take the other long end that is hanging down, feed it over the top at the neckline and down.
  3. Loosely wrapping in the armour of a nude coloured pashmina combined with a pair of jeans can work a lot for one of those lazy days when all that is desirable is to fit into something super comfortable yet not compromise on comfort.
  4. Try the folded and tied pashmina wrap. Fold your shawl in half so it looks more like a square, then fold it diagonally; you will end up with two points at the back. Holding two corners wrap the shawl around your shoulders and tie on one side.
  5. Going by today’s trends, airport looks have also become a thing and people are taking it quite seriously. A bright coloured pashmina stole paired with a double breasted coat in black or brown colour is sure to balance out the entire look.
  6. Get a fancy brooch. Buy a big and sparkly one if you are going to some formal gathering. Fold the scarf in half around your body, then pin the two parts of the wrap together on one shoulder. Don’t make it too close to your neck or you won’t be able to lift the arm that is underneath the wrap and make you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Opting for a shoulder twist would be another cool option. Crush your pashmina up as if you are going to wear it like a scarf and wrap it once around your neck ending with the two long ends at the front. Tuck each end through the neck and pull sideways to drape the tails of the scarf across your shoulders.

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