Could you Achieve A Natural Childbirth Using Acupuncture?

For pregnant women who are nearing their due date, the issue of how they are going to give birth can be an all-consuming subject. Of course, the most important outcome is one where the wellness of mother and child are preserved, and most women have the wellbeing of the baby as their top priority, but there are also certain things that many women hope to achieve from childbirth. For some, this is the success of a natural labour and delivery.


When women are overdue, they are generally offered an induction, as it is known to be in the best interests of family wellness (of both the mother and child) for the baby to be born before the 42nd week, when the placenta may start to deteriorate, placing the health of the baby at risk.


There are many official forms of induction, but one of the more successful natural methods is acupuncture.


Acupuncture is completely safe for mother and child and can help the body to prepare for childbirth, with the effacement and dilation of the cervix. The key to acupuncture is that it promotes blood flow through the body and also helps to decrease anxieties. The increased blood flow can help the body to prepare, and it is also well known that stress and anxiety can help to prevent labour, so releasing these tensions can help the baby to move down into the pelvis and trigger labour.


Mothers who have a session or two of acupuncture prior to the establishment of labour have been shown to have a much higher chance of having a natural delivery, as the body is more relaxed and prepared, and this leads to smooth dilation of the cervix and effective pain control, as labour can be halted or hampered by the presence of stress hormones.

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